Oliver Kahn: Buying Haaland at over €100m is unimaginable

In news that everyone is very much aware of at this time, Erling Haaland is set to cost well over €100 million this summer if any club is to secure his signature. Bayern Munich have been one of many clubs falsely linked with the Norwegian striker and today Oliver Kahn has put that to rest.

He told Bild“I’m sorry, but whoever talks about it is that they still haven’t understood how the issue is. As we understand it, Haaland costs more than 100 million euros. For Bayern it is unimaginable.”

Given that Bayern Munich already have the very best forward in the world in Robert Lewandowski, links between Erling Haaland and the Bavarians were already pointless links to make. Oliver Kahn is simply telling the media what everyone with a brain already knew. Bayern Munich, and no other team for that matter, can afford Erling Haaland at this time. Any rumours regarding his future should simply be put to rest. The Norwegian striker will almost certainly be staying at Borussia Dortmund into next season, regardless of whether or not the club finish in the top four.

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