Debunking the Lewandowski transfer rumours

Throughout his career, Robert Lewandowski has been linked with the world’s biggest clubs. This is in spite of the fact that he’s clearly very happy and settled at Bayern Munich, even set to break the Bundesliga’s goal-scoring record this year. This week more rumours have surfaced surrounding Lewandowski’s future, with links to Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea. Unfortunately for the gossip columns, this looks very unlikely to happen once again.

The transfer rumours surrounding Lewandowski’s future started to emerge after Pini Zahavi, Lewandowski’s agent, and the club came to a disagreement over the Pole’s impending wage increase. Agents tend to be greedy in asking for more money for their players, simply because it means more money for themselves. This is nothing new. British media (as they would) are suggesting Lewandowski may be interested in a move to the Premier League to end off his career in style. However, we have to remember that this is a COVID-19 world we’re leaving in, and that even at 32-years-old Lewy’s wages and price tag are simply too high for most teams afford.

Losing the Polish striker would be a significant loss to the German club, that they simply won’t be willing to afford. At 32 years old, Lewandowski has mustered a fantastic 43 goals in 37 games this season, bringing his current tally to 289 goals in 326 games for Bayern. He has played a significant role in their eight successive league titles, and last season’s UEFA Champions League victory.

That said, with his contract ending next year, Bayern could be wise to at the very least consider their options. If Lewandowski is unwilling to extend his contract another year, the Bavarian team could realistically sell him for a fee of around €60 million. However, very few clubs have that kind of money right now, and the clubs historically willing to pay that much claimed just a few weeks ago that the COVID-19 pandemic had broken them to the point of forming a European Super League. Given that the die Roten are already set to lose David Alaba this summer, they won’t be keen on losing another one of their star players. Contract negotiations will ensue and Zahavi will likely be able to sleep at night very soon.

Bayern is sure to do anything within their power to keep the player at the club and Lewandowski will almost certainly be staying on for another season with Julian Nagelsmann’s team.

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